550123 483462951691050 1168980562 n19 March 1813, David Livingstone born in Blantyre, Scotland.

1823, begins work in Monteith and Company Cotton Mill.

1838, accepted by the London Missionary Society (LMS) for work in China.

1839, the Opium War erupts, closing China to Missions until 1842.

1840, meeting with Robert Moffat in London persuades David Livingstone to serve in Africa.

November 1840, David Livingstone qualifies as a doctor.

20 November 1840, he is ordained as a Minster of the Gospel.

8 December 1840, sails for South Africa.

17 March 1841, Livingstone reaches Cape Town.

16 April 1841, leaves Cape Town.

31 July 1841, arrives at Robert Moffat's Mission station in Kuruman.

2 January 1845, marries Mary Moffat.

1847 - 1852, Livingstone established several Mission stations ending with Kolobeng.

1849, exploratory expedition across the Kalahari desert to Lake Ngami earns him fame in Britain.

1851, reaches the Zambezi River for the first time.

1852, travels to Cape Town for the first time in 11 years and places Mary and his children on ship for Scotland.

1853 - 1856, explores Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, travelling across South central Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

16 November 1855, sights, measures, maps and names Victoria Falls.

1856, returns to England and a hero's welcome, with many awards from the Royal Geographic Society and from Queen Victoria.

1857, publishes Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa.

1858, embarks on the Zambezi expedition.

1859, explores Lake Nyasa.

1862, Mary joins her husband on the Zambezi and dies of malaria within 3 months.

1863, Zambezi expedition recalled. To ensure that it was not acquired by a slave trader, Livingstone sails 4,000km to India to sell his boat in Bombay.

1864, eldest son, Robert, at age 18, dies of wounds, fighting for the Union in the American War between the States.

1865, Livingstone publishes Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambezi and its Tributaries.

1866, embarks on his last great Missionary expedition.

1871, meets Henry Morton Stanley at Ujiji.

1 May 1873, dies near Lake Bangweulu in Zambia. His African companions carry his body on a 9 month journey back to the coast and then to England.

18 April 1874, buried in Westminster Abby, and The Last Journals are published.

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